VALVERDE: “I want to play the Classic at home; my players too”

The coach is positioned for the game on October 26. “We would show the bullies that you can play.” And also next to the club: “I adhere to the statement he made.”

"I want to play the Classic at home; my players too"

Ernesto Valverde, coach of Barcelona, ​​appeared Thursday at a press conference in the previous match against Eibar. The situation in Catalonia and the uncertainty of the Classic marked the press conference.

– Do you have the feeling that pressure and centers are the great danger of Eibar?

– Without a doubt, because they are their clearest weapons. Especially the pressure, where they are very intense and do very well. And then, because despite knowing how to squeeze, they get you from the center of the field. They play with risk, but they do it well.

-The point of attention is the Classic. What is your vision?

-It is true that much is being said about that game. It is true that there was an approach to change the order of the games, which we did not see because we have a game on Wednesday. We travel to Prague and would have to travel again. And we should also respect the calendar and fans. The normal thing is to play in our field. Then we will see what happens. But these circumstances are being anticipated. We know this week is strange but we hope to play the game at our stadium. Is what we want

– Do you think it is logical to change the game when on October 1 LaLiga forced Barça to play at Camp Nou despite the club’s request?

– I say again. There are nine days left for that game and there is too much talk. On October 1 there was a game here and a week later we played at Wanda and everyone was expecting a dramatic game and the world to end. And each one expressed his ideas without any problem. And we expect the same here. Nine days left.

– Is it necessary to suspend this match?

-I see it as an opportunity for many people here. And also for our fans. For the people of society. It does not have to be this way. It is an opportunity to demonstrate a lot of things. That we respect the opposite, the rival; and that within civic standards you can play. But above all to eliminate these people who say they will not be played. We can show that the game can be held normally and so we could forget the bullies.

– How much does the trip to Vitoria advance one day?

– We have made this decision because tomorrow we can foresee that there are roads that can be cut. We may have a problem. We have to introduce ourselves to the game and we think it’s the best.

-How are you living these days?

– I do not want to extend much in all this. It is clear that it does not correspond to what happens in Catalonia forever. These riots are going out of the ordinary but we all recognize that we want freedom of expression. Everyone has to do their job.

-The precedents say that when such things happen around Barça like changing trips, playing at noon …, they have a bad time.

-The factor that worries me most is that we have before Eibar. We have also played against Getafe at four and here we play at one. The theme of the trip will allow us to be a little more together. It is more time away and you have to travel to Prague but the game is important. We are behind and we have to recover points

-How is Umtiti?

-You are training normally from the beginning of the week; Yesterday was the day he did all the training and is about to be discharged.

-Alba is ready to play?

-I think you’re ready to start and play. The other day was a little early yet; I thought that if I played it would be a safe change but it has exceeded the recovery deadlines

-Messi is already one hundred percent?

-You are in that process. He is a player who has to go slowly and looking for his best moment. We hope that with the coming matches I will point more things.

-What do you think of the sentence against Catalan politicians?

-The club has made a statement in which we are all represented and it is clear that I am sitting here as coach of Barça. I adhere to the statement made by the club

-How would you convince Rubiales to play 26-O at Camp Nou?

-Because it is scheduled to play there and I have no doubt that the game would be held without any problem. I don’t know what resolution the FEF will take. We will do what it touches, that’s my opinion.

– Would it alter the competition not play on the 26th in Barcelona?

-Let’s wait to see what happens. Last year we talked about Miami, I don’t know how many times. Someday it will be played …

-How do you see Todibo?

-It is a young player with great physical qualities that we think has to help us in the future and in the present. He is learning and we expect a lot from him.

-The team had a regular start. Is it as the team wanted?

-We have had a difficult time and what I like is that we have been able to react. Being able to get rid of all of that is the most important and that is what we have done in recent years. We would like to be first and we have to row.

– Have you talked to Dembélé?

-I talked to him and asked him what he had said to the referee. There is a small difference between what the minutes say and what Dembélé says. There are situations in which a player can lose his mind. I don’t think it may be the case of Dembélé. There are times when the referees expel for a small thing and other days they don’t expel you for saying barbarities. I don’t think it happens normally.

-Vidal has played many minutes with Chile. You mean you won’t be in Eibar?

-I don’t know what to answer. Each coach and each coach decides for himself. A match starts one way but then ends another. We do not have to influence what he has played with Chile here.

– Are the situations of Catalonia and Euskadi comparable, each in its own time?

– I do not want to walk that much because this is not a personal interview. I am the coach of Barça and I represent many people. There are people who must take steps from politics to find points of understanding and there are things that are not pleasant to see and hopefully it is a timely situation and we take steps forward.

Who would benefit from the Classic being postponed?

-I don’t know, let’s wait to see. Of course we come to play on a Wednesday and they on a Tuesday. If it is from the point of view of rest, it could be that we could benefit from not playing. But in games like that, that doesn’t matter. They are so determined and strong matches that the player. I prefer to play the Classic and in our field. And the players too.

-What would you say about Mendilibar?

-The Eibar has a clear plan because it is made in his image and likeness. With high pressure as a flag, it takes you to the end. He does it always and all the teams. I like that and your spirit.

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