ENGLAND: Matthaus stick to Eriksen

The former German player categorically opposes the signing of the Danish midfielder of Tottenham and instead advises to hire Kai Havertz.

Danish Tottenham midfielder Christian Eriksen during a match.
Jesús Álvarez Orihuela Diario AS

Christian Eriksen is perhaps the best player who has just signed up next year. That makes it a goal for half of Europe , since if it does not leave in the winter market at a price lower than its original market value, Tottenham will have to see how it leaves for free in summer.

Real Madrid has been following for a long time, as well as for example Manchester City or Juventus . And Bayern Munich has entered the scene, although some of the great personalities surrounding the club are against its signing. And is that the mythical Lothar Matthaus thinks it would be a mistake to try to hire the Danish, as he said in Sport1 : “If it is not enough for Tottenham, it is not enough for Bayern.”

His disapproval is based on the fact that the coach of the German club would not fit into the system, since he usually uses fast footballers in attack positions: “Eriksen is technically good, the typical number ten. But it is too slow and Niko Kovac le like fast players. “

Matthaus advises the signing of the young promise Kai Havertz (Bayer Leverkusen), a  footballer who is on the Barcelona agenda . In case of signing him, the position that the Danish would occupy would be for Coutinho , who performs well in multiple attack positions: “For me, Eriksen is not that type of player who marks the differences at the highest level, so they should concentrate on the signing of Kai Havertz next summer and they would still have Coutinho, who plays well for ten. “

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