World Food Day 2019: Changing eating habits today benefits in future

On World Food Day, promise yourself to invest in your future health by changing your eating habits today. We tell you about these changes for you to consider.

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World Food Day 2019: Here are some reasons why you need changes in your eating habits. © Shutterstock

World Food Day is observed on 16 October every year across the world. It’s celebrated to honour the inception of United Nation’s Food and Agriculture Organisation which was founded in the year 1945. The day is celebrated to spread awareness globally regarding hunger and to ensure nutrition and food security for everyone. The day celebrates the idea that food is the basic right of every human being.

World Food Day: Theme And Significance

World Food Day 2019 theme is ‘Our Actions Are Our Future. Healthy Diets for A #ZeroHunger World.’ It means what we do today will impact our future, and it will also decide the lives of our upcoming generations. The theme focuses on dealing with global hunger by providing a healthy diet for each and every one. Contributing to the theme, we tell you about the changes you may consider making to your eating habits for a healthy future. Remember, what you sow is what you reap.

Changes In Eating Habits On World Food Day

With the fast-paced life, stressful working conditions and lack of time, the eating habits have gone for a toss. Almost everything has become a ‘quick and easy’ alternative to a healthy diet. Where half of the population is unable to afford food, those who can take it for granted.

Ditch The Outside Food

If you think that eating a sub-sandwich or a salad from outside is a healthy choice you are making, think again. Only because you are not in a mood to cook or that those are the only ‘healthy’ options available while eating out, doesn’t mean what you are ordering is completely healthy and full of nutrition. It’s because when you order from a restaurant, you have no idea about the freshness of the raw materials used, hygiene level of the place, and what all ingredients they use. For instance, the vegetables used in your salad might be old, the meat might not be cleaned properly or bought from a sub-standard place. There might be preservatives used in the meal that can harm your health in the long run. Therefore, think again when you decide to eat out or order from outside.

Try Not To Eat Refrigerated Food

It’s understandable that you work on tight deadlines and have a busy work routine. However, that doesn’t mean you’ll cook food and refrigerate it in your fridge to feed on it for days. Reheating the food, again and again, makes it lose its nutritional value. It might be filling your stomach but that’s not doing any good to your body. In fact, experts believe that eating old refrigerated could be detrimental to health in the long run. It can lead to health issues like indigestion and food poisoning.

Make Water Your First Drink Of The Day

Water is the most essential drink that your body needs. While having tea and coffee in the morning can be energising and rejuvenating, having them as your first drink can be harmful. Instead of having water, especially lukewarm water can prove to be a glass of goodness for your entire life. It releases your body of toxins and impurities. Do this deed for your body’s better functioning and must teach it to your family as well. Experts say that having water as your first drink can save you from lifestyle diseases like high blood pressure, high levels of bad cholesterol, and also skin ageing. It also makes strengthens your metabolism which stays with you for life.

Be Aware of How Your Food Is Affecting You

It is the most important thing. You might feel that because you are exercising, you can have whatever you wish to and it won’t impact your body. Well, it might not affect your body immediately, it can have side-effects later on in life. While you lead an active life and have a better metabolism at a young age than old age, the food you eat may impact you later. For instance, high calorie and sugary delights can put you at an increased risk of obesity and lifestyle diseases like Type-2 diabetes.

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