Traits that increase your sex appeal

A little quirk here and a few raunchy moves there and you may think that your sex appeal can tantalise your partner. But do you know what can bring it crashing down?

Your personality traits and behaviour can amp up your sex appeal.

What’s your idea of spicing things up with your partner? Probably, your answer would incline more towards bettering the way you dress up or do your make-up or try to change something about your physical appearance. While all this might help you a great deal, there’s a lot you can do with your demeanour and behaviour. The way you say things, your personality traits and actions are somewhere tingling the mind and soul of your partner and you might not be even aware of it. If you notice your partner drifting away for no apparent reason that you can think of or if you are often blamed for the lost spark in your relationship, there is a high possibility that your demeanour might be deceiving you. Look for these obscure signs (in you or your partner) that may actually bring down the sex appeal.


Faithfulness and truthfulness are two great virtues and there’s no way you should challenge these, specially if you are in a relationship or trying to get in one. There is nothing called healthy flirting, period. And there’s nothing more attractive than a faithful partner. Coming back home to your eternal love and being faithful to it is the reason for long-term, successful relationships. Constantly supporting your partner with his ideas, in bad and challenging times, could increase sex appeal. Whereas, infidelity could bring down the castle in a jiffy. As a wise woman once said, there is nothing more attractive than a man who spells truth with his eyes!

Bad Sense Of Humour

You don’t have to be the funniest person on earth to be attractive but your choice of words and wit matter. Smart and brainy people are a lot more attractive. According to a study published in Intelligence, an academic journal, both genders reported that ‘being smart’ was a total sexual turn-on characteristic for them. If your puns are insensitive and demeaning, you may have to reconsider the choice of your words. Play on your strong parts; talk about things that you know of. Coming across as dull and stupid can make serious damage to your sex appeal. You can’t be slow, catch up.

Mean Behaviour

Be a gentleman or a gentlewoman. Being a chauvinist doesn’t help, it never will. Be gentle, kind and generous. These traits are supremely attractive. On the contrary, mean behaviour can bring down your sex appeal. This has also been scientifically supported that those who indulge in altruistic acts are more attractive than those who don’t. Mean behaviour and rude comments play against the love hormones and are a big turn off whereas selflessness is very attractive. Buy a needy person food or give a child some tuition lessons. You never know who’s going to approach you and when.

Dull Voice

Half of the winning-over-a-relationship happens on the phone these days. Imagine how terrible it can put someone off you do not sound good. General surveys on characteristics that are the most appealing to partners reveal that sexy, husky, deep and enthusiastic voice really turn them on. Even if you meet face-to-face, a voice that’s not shrilling and has a ‘life’ can really push the sex appeal quotient. On the contrary, if your voice lacks energy or sounds dull and not interesting, it can get you a negative marking. While you are trying to work on your sex appeal quotient, make sure you do some morning gargles to get that sexy voice.

Chubby Face

We don’t want to sound mean or disrespect anyone, but science supports the fact that people who have sharp facial cuts are more sexually attractive. Well, don’t get disheartened and don’t go into self-doubt. Some facial exercises can always help you get a chiselled look. Else for men, a beard can come to your rescue and women may want to get their way with contouring and make-up. Chew a gum or two in a day. Researchers believe that physical masculinity can take your sex appeal to the next level.

Being Unimaginative

Being creative can floor your partner. It’s just so sexy! Being unimaginative can be boring for the relationship. Science explains that surprising your partner can increase your sex appeal as it signals good genes and intelligence. Who doesn’t fall for a person who’s involved enough to be imaginative and creative? This can be done in so many ways. For instance, musical creativity is appealing to women and being outgoing, unapologetically fearless can be attractive for men. No matter what you do, make sure you ring out something new. Run-of-the-mill and redundant romancing ideas are outdated.

Being Closed And Mysterious

Being secretive can be sexy only in bed when your partner has no idea how you are going to surprise him or her. Being secretive in life doesn’t actually work. Psychology backs this theory that people who are selectively open with their partners are less attractive than those who are open. Talking about your thoughts, fears, apprehensions and inhibitions can make you come across sexy. It shows that you are confident in your skin and your insecurities do not limit you. Leaving your partner guessing is good only when you are planning a surprise! It may come back at you in case that’s your behavioural trait.

Being Unorganised

It’s strange but it’s true that you are expected to attract many more people if you are meticulous. If you are all over the place, you might have an issue there. You might be good looking but if you can’t put your wet towel where it belongs, the battle is lost for you. You can only show off your moves in the bedroom when the one you’re trying to woe convinced to get into your room. Make sure your room is clean enough for the next move!

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