The monitoring spirit,effects and its end

Segun Adewumi
Monitoring Spirit is a weapon of witchcraft attack that manipulates its victim to disrupt his life, by making him miss his blessings, vulnerable to ill-luck, failure and frustration. The plight of the victim of monitoring spirit can be explained as that of a person that has a rope tied to one of his legs. Anytime he makes a move, the rope is pulled and he falls down and is unable to progress. It is also like a situation of remote control of the victim’s life. The button for zero point is pressed anytime he approaches a position of progress and that makes him to fall.

Biblical Examples
The situation of the children of Israel at the time of Gideon, when the Midianites and the Amalekites oppressed Israel, is an example of monitoring spirit. Judges 6 & 7. Similarly, in Revelation 13:17-19, Those that does not belong to the demonic side were prevented from living their normal lives, i.e. Not allowed to buy or to sell. Elymas, the sorcerer prevented Paul and Silas, until Paul blindfolded him. Act (13:6-12). Joseph was sold into slavery; his life was under severe manipulation for 13 years Genesis 37-45. Also, David after killing Goliath was entitled to some privileges, but instead he was actually driven into exile to become a fugitive. All these were situations of monitoring spirits.

African Method Of Monitoring Spirit
Monitoring spirit could be invoked from where the placenta of the victim was buried. It can be invoked at the family shrine, where every family member has his spiritual label or identity. One can be monitored from water spirit commonly called Olokun by the Yorubas. A mirror can also be used to monitor the victim. Those who have had some incisions printed on them or involved in some rituals of a cult or made some vows or commitment to a spiritual house can be monitored.

Examples of the Monitored
People under monitoring spirit are known as blind witches in the witchcraft circle, but they are actually spiritual slaves in real life. These are people that can no longer live authentic lives. They experience failure, stagnation, hatred, promise and fail, ill-luck, spirit of dishonour and frustration, etc. As stated earlier, monitoring spirit is a weapon of witchcraft attack deployed to harass the victim, until he becomes frustrated and begins to backslide from his Christian faith. It can be used as a weapon of delay for marriages, child bearing, promotion at work and so on.

Dream Experiences of the Victim
Victims of monitoring spirit may experience being pressed down at sleep, eating or sexual intercourse, unable to climb or descend the hill, writing examination in the old school, picking snails and meeting cobwebs physically, among other bad spiritual experiences. If one is under manipulation of the monitoring spirit, it implies that such a one has a good and glorious destiny, which the devil is trying to steal, kill or destroy (John 10:10). All that such a one should do is persevere and remain steadfast to ward off the harassment of the demonic forces and their human agents. Jeremiah 29:11, Jeremiah 1:17, Isaiah41: 8-16, 1 Corinthians 10:13 &14.

Prayer of Deliverance
Deliverance prayer for those in the webs of the monitoring spirit is the story of the escape of the children of Israel from Pharaoh and his forces. After their release as a result of the killing of all the first born in Egypt, the people of Israel went straight towards their destiny. But for the strategy to ensure that the Egyptians never became a threat to them in future, God hardened the heart of Pharaoh to monitor and pursue them into the Red sea. The people of Israel were set free forever, while the Egyptians that monitored and pursued them perished in the Red sea. Victims of monitoring spirit that read this story Morning and Evening (Exodus 14:1-end) daily for three months will be released, as the children of Israel were released.

Pastor Segun Adewumi, General Overseer,
House of Prayer Ministries for All Nations

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